Distilled & Bottled in Greenville, SC

Whiskey Girl Apple & Maple by Dark Corner Distillery

Whiskey Girl Apple & Maple

Whiskey Girl Butterscotch by Dark Corner Distillery

Whiskey Girl Butterscotch

Whiskey Girl Peach by Dark Corner Distillery

Whiskey Girl Peach

Whiskey Girl Honeysuckle - Dark Corner Distillery

Whiskey Girl Honeysuckle



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Join us at our facility in downtown Greenville, SC for a whiskey tasting! We offer guests the opportunity to sample six of our spirits while hearing the history of the products and their unique flavor profiles. Tastings cost $7 and include a Dark Corner Distillery shot glass.

Dark Corner Distillery is also available for private, corporate, or large group events.

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Enjoy a Dark Corner Distillery Specialty Cocktail!



Dark Corner Distillery in Greenville, SC

Dark Corner Distillery is a craft micro distillery located in Greenville, South Carolina. Our focus is on producing small batches of The World’s Best Moonshine, aged whiskey, gin, absinthe and other distilled spirits while educating locals and tourists alike about our rich Appalachian heritage.

Our distillation system was designed by the founder of the distillery to favor quality and taste. We firmly believe that the use of time-honored methods and equipment plays a vital role in producing The World’s Best Moonshine and many other award-winning distilled spirits.



The History of Dark Corner

Glassy Mountain Township—the northeastern corner of Greenville County’s Appalachian hills—is the nucleus of the area that has been known as Dark Corner for over 175 years. Its first settlers were Celts that left the lowlands of Scotland, Ulster in Northern Ireland and borderline England to immigrate to America. These Celtic descendants brought with them the ancient Celts’ knowledge of distilling grains to make “the water of life,” which was viewed as a divine creation due to its curative powers and economic value. The making and selling of whiskey was virtually the only way many families could get ahold of actual money in a barter society.

After the Civil War, a Federal excise tax was levied against private distilleries. Dark Corner settlers began placing their distilleries in wooded areas far from roadways and conducting distilling operations at night so that the smoke would not be visible to revenuers searching for illegal sites. Thus, “Moonshine” became the name for homemade whiskey.




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