The Carolina Legacy Series honors Lewis Redmond, an American Robin Hood from the dark Corner region of the Carolinas. Each limited edition whiskey commemorates a milestone in his life and varies in ingredients and maturation techniques, making them unique and extraordinary like Redmond himself.

1854 Edition – A Legend is Born

Launching November 2017
Whiskey distilled from wheat mash
Proof: 80
Tasting Notes: Handcrafted from red winter wheat and matured in our very own bourbon barrels, 1854 has a mellow roasted nuttiness and subtle notes of butterscotch, tobacco, and dried cherries.

1854 History

On April 15, 1854 in North Carolina, Lewis Richard Redmond was born to Richard and Malinda Redmond. Unbeknownst to his parents at the time, their precious newborn would grow to become one of the most famous moonshiners from the Dark Corner Region, eventually earning the title “King of the Moonshiners.”

Lewis Redmond grew up in times of rebellion and opposition. His brothers served in the Confederate Army under Col. William Holland Thomas and Lewis himself was given the nickname “Major” while hanging around Confederate camps as a teenager. He had insurgency in his blood and would courageously fight a lifelong battle against oppressive and unjust authority.


1876 Edition – Becoming an Outlaw

Launching December 2017
Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Proof: 86
Tasting Notes: The 1876 edition is handcrafted and copper pot distilled from sweet corn, red winter wheat, and barley, creating rich aromas of sweet molasses, peanut, vanilla, and toasted spices.

1876 History:

In the post-Civil War South, the federal government instituted an exorbitant tax on distilled spirits to help pay down the war debt. Many farmers, including the Redmond family, relied heavily on income from moonshining to survive and this new tax was indefensible. Moonshiners were forced to go around the law which put them at odds with the Federal Bureau of Revenue.

In the 1870’s Redmond and his family worked the farm by day and ran moonshine at night to make ends meet. It wasn’t long before the long arm of the law caught on to these activities and issued warrants for their arrests. Lewis’s father was arrested and carried to Asheville to stand trial but tragically died on the journey. His mother died a few days after from shock and sadness.
Shortly after losing both parents at the hands of the law, Lewis Redmond came face to face with Deputy Marshal Alfred Duckworth, a revenue agent, on a mountain road in the East Fork Section of Transylvania County, NC. Duckworth unsuccessfully attempted to apprehend Lewis Redmond for trafficking illegal and untaxed distilled spirits. There was a struggle that resulted in Duckworth being shot in the throat. Redmond was able to escape but Duckworth died shortly after. Lewis Redmond was now an outlaw.

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