Dark Corner Distillery Presents… Jōcassee Gin Barrel Rested

February 9, 2017
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February 9, 2017 Joan

Dark Corner Distillery Presents… Jōcassee Gin Barrel Rested


We are delighted to unveil the latest fruits of our labor: Dark Corner Distillery’s Jōcassee Gin Barrel Rested.

When we crafted the original Jōcassee Gin, we wanted to offer something genuinely special and unique. So we bottled up the spirit of South Carolina’s Lake Jōcassee to give you: Gin with a Southern Twist. A gin that embodies the pure bliss of living by the lake.

But lake life isn’t just a one-dimensional appreciation for water. It’s a way of being. It’s a night sharing laughs over a crackling fire. Holding hands on a hillside as you watch the sun set. It’s creating and savoring moments that will last a lifetime. Plain and simple, it’s more.

Jocassee Gin Barrel Rested Release - Dark Corner Distillery Greenville, SCAnd that’s what Jōcassee Gin Barrel Rested has to offer: more. We’re extending the Jōcassee Gin product line to add depth and definition to the lake spirit we know, love, and live for every day.

Jōcassee Gin Barrel Rested is in a class of its own. Don’t bother looking, you won’t find another gin as refreshing and crisp as this. Each sip will invoke images of honeysuckles and magnolia blossoms, swaying in the breeze just before you jump headfirst into the water.

We start the harvest in the spring and summer months and hand select the botanicals used in our recipe. After macerating all the ingredients in a very clean, and high proof alcohol we filter the botanicals from the spirit and load up our 350-gallon Scottish copper pot still for a final distillation.

After the Dark Corner Distillery special touch, we rest the spirit in new American charred white oak barrels and we animate the spirit by proofing it down to 42% alcohol with fresh, local water.

This spirit offers a smooth and complex flavor with subtle notes of juniper and warm spice, and it will change your life. Jōcassee is best enjoyed in the company of others in the warm shade or under twinkling stars. Most often savored neat, poured over an ice sphere or jazzed up in your favorite craft cocktail.

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