Dark Corner Brands Awarded Superior Recognition at Annual SIP Awards

June 7, 2017
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June 7, 2017 Joan

Dark Corner Brands Awarded Superior Recognition at Annual SIP Awards

Dark Corner Distillery is ecstatic to announce several new awards for its brands. Over 600 international brands of spirits and mixers competed in this year’s Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards competition. Brands competed for the coveted spot at the top of the consumer’s choice awards for their respective categories. The SIP Awards is the only international spirits competition that enlists customers as the judges. This year, over 100 consumer judges gathered to sample the brands in the competition and cast their votes. We are proud of the results and pleased to announce the accolades awarded to Dark Corner Distillery by the SIP Awards.

Jocassee Gin came in with a Bronze medal award in the “Gin” category. The World’s Best Moonshine achieved Platinum award status in the “Unaged Whiskey/Moonshine” category, and Whiskey Girl Apple & Maple came out on top with the Gold medal award in the category of “Flavored/Infused Whiskey/Moonshine.”

This is truly a testament to the hard work and commitment to excellence that Dark Corner Dstillery places on all its brands. We are excited to continue to enter our products into competitions like this and expect to hear more good feedback from consumers everywhere we take our brands.

Photo via SIP awards on Facebook.



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